The Art of Fighting Without Fighting – Bruce Lee

I think we can all take a lesson from the famous martial arts master Bruce Lee. When Bruce Lee was asked what his style of fighting was he replied with:

“The Art of Fighting Without Fighting”

In a clip from Bruce Lee’s film Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee plays smart with one of the martial artists who try to bully him into fighting.  Bruce at first tries to avoid conflict, but then suggests they need more space in which to fight—that island they are passing. The bully agrees, and as he steps into the rowboat that Bruce and the bully were to use to get to the island, Bruce lets go of the rope, sending the rowboat, and the bully adrift out to sea. Yes Bruce won the fight without fighting.

So how would you fight without fighting? Yes your all thinking, but it’s Bruce Lee-all time martial arts champion in the world. Lets look at this realistically.

The goal: subdue the enemy without fighting. Avoid fighting whenever possible. Throw that person off their game, make them think, thereby give you the advantage.

Tip 1: if you are confronted by a bully, keep your DISTANCE between you and them. Yes, running away is a great option but you might not be in the space or the bully might run after you. Obviously it’s going to be easier for someone to reach you if they’re at a close distance.

Tip 2: Use appropriate LANGUAGE. Try to steer away from being aggressive, “BACK OFF”. Calm them down, “I understand, I apologise that this happened”.

Tip 3: If you see an exit to get away..GO. Very calmly and discreetly though.

You’ve mastered the art of fighting without fighting.

The clip from Enter the Dragon:


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